October 27, 2009

Free Forex Trading Strategy - Easy to use Forex Strategy

Here is a Free Forex Trading strategy for anyone who is struggling to have profitable trades.

Let me tell you that this strategy is not using any fancy indicator and is simple and straightforward. But it is highly effective at the same time. If you are losing trades one after another after another, give this free forex trading strategy a shot.

Now, you may notice that I was rushing through in the video. I am sorry about that, but I had to because the video was becoming very large.


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October 27, 2009

Vincent @ 10:46 am:

Hi Rahul,

Thank you for this strategy. But I have a small doubt.
What condition do you require to filter bad signals.
The body of the bearish candle close below 50% of the BODY of the previous candle?
or close below 50% of the total range (max-min) of the previous candle?

Thanks in advance.

G J Church @ 8:27 pm:

Dear Rahul
Thanks for the video….why not use a trailing stop at 60 pips…5?10? to possibly capture larger moves…..and when you decide to break even at 15 pips on 30 min one could then put in a trailing stop.. to capture some profit instead of breaking even….3?5 etc…One could use a trailing stop on the hour chart too after breaking even…
You posted a video on divergence but I find it can often result in a loss…You did not bring out several points….which time frame….Does divergence have to be over one time frame….Do there have to be several consecutive divergences..and that is a point because sometimes there are consecutive divergences….meaning your trade on a previous divergence resulted in a loss..
When do you exit the trade???on a divergence..

Rahul @ 9:35 pm:

Hello Vincent,

Thanks for the comment. To filter false setups, you need the body of reversal candle to penetrate 50% of the body of the previous candle.


Rahul @ 9:40 pm:

Hey GJ,

Thanks for the comment, the purpose of the video was to share a strategy that can be kept very simple. So, thats why I didn't integrate the concepts of trailing stop/loss etc.

But I agree, trailing stop loss can be a good way to get even more profits. Please feel free to customize it based on your experience.

About convergence & divergence, what I telling was to tell how the divergence can be used to identify market reversal conditions. It can be part of a system, but it is not a complete system by itself.

Thanks for sharing your comments.


Sabbie @ 10:10 pm:

Hi Rahul

Great video I believe in sticking to your profit for the day and if the market gives you more pips please protect your profits.


February 7, 2010

Phil @ 12:27 am:

Hi Rahul,
I just watched this today (2/7/10). Very well done video. You didn't recommend an initial stop loss. What do you recommend using for that?
Thank you,

July 29, 2010

judd @ 1:47 pm:

Hi Again, very good simple system with a bit of fiddling it could be very good, 2 lots instead of 1 and closing 1 after 30 pips andlet it run on trailing stop and puting stop at breakeven plus 5 makes a lot of pips if it happens 30 to 40 % of time will do it for next wk and will let u know.

August 22, 2010

Rick @ 12:59 am:

Hi Rahul,
The work you do like this is very much appreciated, I will try out some of them and reply soon.

September 3, 2010

Raj Patel @ 7:20 am:

Thanks for a great video and for your double-top double-bottom strategy. I have seen this before but you helped by stating whenn to get in and when to get out. Regular profits are better then irregular gains and losses.

Thank you once again and I will try to put into practice over the next week or so on my demo account.

Best regards,

September 13, 2010

Brian @ 8:39 pm:

Dear Rahul, I do appreciate the time you took to make the trading video and sending it to me so I can use it to try to make myself a more profitable trader. Thank You, Brian

September 25, 2010

Craig @ 11:14 pm:

thanks for sharing. It is soul destroying to take repetitive losing trades (continuously!)

October 3, 2010

shina @ 1:14 pm:

great work but could not finish watching the video as it was breaking at 4 muinutes

October 14, 2010

chandrashekar @ 9:31 am:

Dear rahul,

Good strategy which has been explained in a very lucid way. But u explained how to get into the trade ( after the reversal candle has broken more than 50%of the pr candle), but one you enter the trade what will be the stop loss for the same. kindly advise.

October 22, 2010

Mahadevan @ 8:46 pm:

Dear Rahul
Very interesting. You say to exit at 60 or 30 pips depending on the time frame one uses. Please let me know whether we can use a trailing stop or is it best to exit at the levels suggested.
In the meantime I will try this strategy during the next week. I like your strategy for the simple reason that it is based on price action and not on some confusing indicators.

October 23, 2010

Majid @ 3:45 pm:

Thanks for sharing this strategy.

October 25, 2010

Anselme @ 10:13 am:

Please I want to know if the double tops should always be on the same line. I mean horizontal line.

October 30, 2010

P.P.NARAYANAN @ 9:58 am:

Dear Rahul Sir,

Thank you so much for providing very good strategy. It is very nice and good. I will do the practice on the same.

Best Regards


November 6, 2010

Jim @ 6:42 pm:

Dear Rahul,
Thank you for the simple strategy. I'm new to forex and learning the simple strategies first give me more confidence to advance in my trading.

January 25, 2011

Roger Carpenter @ 3:23 pm:

Hi Rahul

Another great video from this modest but very professional trader. After years of trading and spending a fortune on courses and systems I have finally found one that I am at ease with, and more importantly works. I recommend your ForexSuccess and ForexProfitFarm systems to anybody who wants effective, simple systems with superb backup for a cost that puts other systems promotors to shame. Well done Rahul!

January 29, 2011

Jeffrey @ 11:16 am:

Rahul, Good stradegy. But I notice the market was in an uptrend and you were showing double tops for selling the eur/usd. You could have bought also using the double bottoms, right?

February 12, 2011

lawal @ 7:40 pm:

Hi Rahul,
I just watched this video today (12/2/2011). Very well done video. Thanks for sharing this strategy.i need more of this if available,
Thank you,

February 19, 2011

Elizabeth @ 9:07 pm:

Thanks Rahul

Really simple strategy - will try it next week on my demo account.
Doubling up on lots would give you higher returns

February 20, 2011

Balamurugan @ 10:07 am:

hi rahul,

You have cleared my prolong doubt of "M" top and "W" bottom that the best timeframe to be used.

February 22, 2011

Siky @ 2:35 pm:

Hi Rahul,thank you for your good sharing spirit.I like the simplicity of the system,however, you didn't mention stoploss as regard that strategy.I would put it to the test on demo to see how it works.Once again thank you.

S.K @ 2:40 pm:

Hello,looking forward to recieving more of such good simple trading system from your stable

February 28, 2011

yash @ 3:40 am:

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the simple system.

What will be the initial stop loss ? The first time when one enters the trade what should be the stop loss ? I see that there is already one post with this query.


July 22, 2011

Aanil @ 11:07 pm:

hi , Rahul

October 3, 2011

Joseph @ 4:43 am:

Very nice strategy. I did not know that a double top or bottom could be that far away from each other. I thought they had to be very close to the same length for top or bottom. Thank you. This strategy should be very useful and profitable.

Master Ned @ 1:13 pm:

Hi Rahul!

This system seems like a good deal. I have two questions:

- Which pairs can we trade with this system? Only EURUSD or other pairs too?

- I noticed that on one double bottom, the first reversal candle didn't go as high as 50% of the last candle. However, the second candle went up even further than 50% and you showed us that it was a good setup (indeed it was). My question is: if the first reversal candle doesn't reach 50% of the last candle but the next one does, is this still a valid setup?

January 1, 2012

Obasan abiodun oluwatosin @ 10:31 am:

Wonderful fx indicator and great site

March 9, 2012

Benjamin Laam @ 9:36 pm:

Hi rahul,
Obviously must be a good strategy based on the majority comments being positive.
Unfortunately, on my computer, the video gets constant breaking/freezing. Any chance of a PDF that explains the video? tks.

March 14, 2012

Binu @ 3:19 am:

Thanks Rahul,
The video really helps. Simple and very useful.

May 12, 2012

Pankaj @ 7:21 am:

Great strategy - nice and simple! How about the initial stop loss - I assume it is just above/below the double top/bottom or is it a certain number of pips like the profit target?

May 13, 2012

Maha @ 3:50 am:

Hi Rahul

You keep it very simple and I like that. Let me give it a try.

May 17, 2012

Rayko @ 5:52 am:

This strategy done very good job in Forextdading.

May 20, 2012

Ahmad saidin @ 1:51 pm:

hi rahul..thks for sharing such a great strategy (D/t & D/b)technique.could you refine wht,s the best TF/SL for this method.Ahmad KL

June 15, 2012

pupx2 edwardo @ 7:37 am:

very useful information on the video,will help win some dollars,Thanks Rahul.

September 8, 2012

Umaru S @ 7:11 am:

I like it. I will put it to test. Thank you very much.

November 11, 2012

dung @ 8:23 pm:

I don't know English.So hardly do I guess.How mothod to entry randomly so that get a positive result? For eample: tight stop, proper target at how pairs? in which sessions? Thanks

November 23, 2012

Angela Lima @ 7:41 am:

Loved this method. I'll leave here a message for the Brazilian mentors:
Sigam o exemplo do Rahul. Ele ensina de verdade!

November 24, 2012

Ajay @ 12:14 pm:

Hi rahul,
Are u indian
I liked the video
I will try in my trading this strategy


October 5, 2013

TAUFIC @ 8:39 am:



December 20, 2013

steve,aust. @ 1:39 am:


December 24, 2013

HjDoom @ 11:33 pm:

Hi Rahul

Thanks for your simple method, however what is the good pips for trailing stop ?


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