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Earn 65% on a $97 product. Get paid every 2 weeks. Product sold through Clickbank. Join my Opt-in list to get banners and other promotional material as well as preview sales page copy.


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I invite you to be the affiliate program and partner for the popular Forex Success Formula multimedia course. Quite a few "Heavy Hitters" in the forex niche are already on board. And it will be an honor if you'd also join in.

Forex Success Formula is launching on 10-Sep-08

Here’s What Is In It For YOU?

Forex Success Formula is a multimedia course that consists of various important manuals and large number of videos.

It’s a $97 product. Your take will be 65%, which translates to $56 on each sale after Clickbank fee.

As you can see, this is one of the highest paying products in the forex market.


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JV Contest Prizes

I am also holding a JV contest with lucrative prizes, as a token of thanks for my JV partners like you.

This JV contest is from 10-Sep-08 through 16-Sep-08. All sales during this period will count toward the contest.


1st Prize for JV Partner with maximum no. of Sales.

$500 Cash Prize


Two 2nd Prizes:  For next 2 JV Partners with high no. of sales

$250 Cash Prize


Three 3rd Prizes: For next 3 JV Partners with high no. of sales

$100 Cash Prize


Four 4th Prizes: For next 4 JV Partners with high no. of sales

$50 Cash Prize



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About Forex Success Formula

Forex Success Formula is one of the very comprehensive systems available in the market. It contains a lot of videos and manuals and will make the buyers feel the best $97 spent.

Combined with the bonuses and good sales page, looks like this product will have very good conversion rate.

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Please feel free to contact me at any point of time if you have any questions related to the launch.

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Please make sure that you join the list for winning sweet prizes as well as to receive the necessary material to promote Forex Success Formula.


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