“Who Else Wants to have a Fool-Proof way to make unbelievable profits day in and day out in Forex Market”

The one of a kind Money Generating Formula for the Forex market that requires only 15 minutes a day and puts huge pile of cash in your trading account… Consistently!!

Forex Success Formula




Dear Forex Trader Friend,


Let me start by asking you a basic question – Why are you trading forex? Are you there just to make enough for a living OR are do you want to make that huge pile of cash which all the successful traders are enjoying?


I know your answer..You too want to make big money.. Isn’t it?


You want to have a lifestyle just like all what those gurus. You want to have your own big house that has its own big lawn, you want to drive a car of your dreams, and you want a lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about gas prices any more!!


I know That’s why all of us are in Forex Market!!



But you know what, lot of the forex traders whom I have met -


  1. Either they have just entered the forex market and are all excited by the shear prospects
    of this trillion $$ industry. They feel that the only thing separating them from the big
    money is just a forex Strategy.

  2. Or they are frustrated Forex traders who have bought every single system available in the market, who been sold a lot of junk in the name of “out of the world” trading system. And
    who have seen their trading account getting blown again and again. And again.





Let me ask you, Which category do you think you are in? Do you feel you have been let down by all the systems that you have come across, all the software that you have purchased by spending your money? If so, then I have true sympathies for you.




“I have been down this road”



In my forex trading career, I have been through both of these phases. Yes, that’s true!


You know what, when I started trading forex, I was under the impression that for trading forex successfully all I needed was a trading strategy. That’s it!! And once I find one, its time to see my account go rich quickly!


Little did I know at that time that the name of the game is not just to a find some trading system, but it is much more than that!


To succeed in trading forex, you need a Reliable Forex Strategy that can help you in fulfilling your dream. And you have to learn the strong fundamentals of the forex market that work. And truly work!!




"114 pips in just the 1st trade"  

Testimonial 1

Hey Buddy,

Just thought of sharing the result with you on the 1st trade I made yesterday using your system. It was on GBP/USD and I made 114 pips in matter of hours!!

This is one superb course. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Aditi from NJ, USA




When I started trading, the first system I bought was for $67. My excitement at that point was beyond the roof. I felt that I am all ready to make money in forex market, this is all I need.


But little did I know that this particular forex system would blow up my trading account balance in less than 2 months.


It was disappointing. I won't deny that.


I thought – “Never Mind”. So, I bought another strategy. However, still same result. Then I bought another strategy and then another. And before I knew I already spent more than $3000 on just buying the so called amazing systems or top class mechanical software which claimed that they can make me rich overnight.



So you see friends, I am a lot like you. I too have faced the excitement of starting forex trading, the joy of making 1 pip, the frustrations of losing account balances, the irritations of finding that none of the systems and software actually work.


I have been through a whole lot of emotions.





“But Then”


But then, I decided something. I decided that I had enough of these systems. It's time for me to clear my forex fundamentals once again. It is time for me to go back to the drawing board and start looking at forex trading from scratch.


I also started making friends who were traders. I started talking to them. I started getting inputs from them. And I started chatting with them.


Then one fine day I came across a forex trading strategy. A strategy that one of my trader friend shared with me during dinner. He just mentioned it to me casually. Not only did he share it, he also explained it in nice length. The strategy was based on some solid principles. It used the necessary number of technical indicators; it had well defined entry and exit criteria.


But more importantly - I felt that it was based on Strong Forex trading Fundamentals!! So, it has to work.


 EUR-USD Profits



“Was it the A-Ha moment?”


Learning this system was very nearly an “A-ha” moment. But not fully. When I started using the strategy it was producing 50-55% trades as winning trades.

(Let me tell you, even at 50-55% success rate, the strategy was good enough in making substantial income.)


However, to say the least, I was not satisfied though. That’s because I knew that this strategy, because of its strong fundamentals, can do much better than this. It can have much better results, better success ratio. It just needed some amount of fine-tuning.


And Fine Tuning is what I did! I started modifying this system by changing some settings, adding some indicators, dropping some, monitoring trades at different hours and whole lot of other things. With in 4 weeks, the winning percentage of the trades using this beautiful system went up significantly.


That was great!! The feeling was amazing.



But I was still thinking, can I still make it better?


Now guys, let to tell you, I am not greedy. Since I have been in market for quite a while, one concept that I have learned and accepted is that no forex system can give winning trades all the time. All the strategies in the market have hits and misses. However if a forex system is based on strong foundations, the number of wins are much higher and much bigger than the misses.


So, I continued working on making this system even better. I thought, if I can further polish this system, the success ratio should definitely go further up.


So, guess what! It took me about 5 more MONTHS to sharpen this system and bring the system where it is today!!.



The feeling was really great. Let me tell you, during this process I found a whole lot of things that were initially missing from this system, but were key essentials to succeed in trading currencies.


So, in a nutshell it took me 6 months from hearing about this system at a dinner table to make it work so phenomenally!!


I am sure by now, you must be eager to know more about this amazing system rather than some story.



So, please allow me to proudly present -


Forex Success Formula


Forex Success Formula

A truly amazing multimedia course, that can help you make money over and over again from the trillion $$$ forex trading market!!



Forex Success Formula is an amazing course which not only teaches you an amazing forex trading strategy that makes money consistently but it also teaches principle that ensures maximum profits are acheived.


Forex Success Formula doesn’t just focuses on strategy for finding good trades to make huge pips, we also learn how to manage these trades to ensure maximum profits and also go through key trading techniques about how to manage the trades that are going in loss.


Learning these important concepts will take your trading expertise to a whole new level. These fundamentals will make you take forex trading as a business and not just some time-pass hobby!




Lets look at what you’ll find inside the Forex Success Formula course –


What’s included in this Course?

I am revealing everything you need to know to make huge money in forex market!


Quick Overview Guide

This short booklet shows you exactly what to do to quickly get started and receive the most value and results in the shortest amount of time. The last thing we want you to experience is to get this course and become overwhelmed.

Forex Success System.

This is the main manual of Forex Success Formula. It contains details of a Strong Forex Swing Trading Strategy that can generate phenomenal profits for you each and every week by spending just 15 minutes per day.


This manual gives complete details on when to use the strategy, how to use it and when to exit.



Secure Your Money

The other important half of the course that tells you not only how to get maximum profits from a winning trade, but it also tells you how to minimize your loss in the trades that are not going well.

Since Forex Trading should be looked as a business, this manual also puts in some important concepts that are necessary for running any successful business.

Forex Success Videos

Comprehensive Videos to help you understand all the concepts mentioned in the manuals with the help of clear examples.

Like they say, Picture is worth 1000 words and I say Video is worth may be 1000 pictures.


The course begins with a strategy called Forex Success System that is one of the most reliable swing trading systems I have seen in market. Its amazing strength is that it produces consistent results and needs less than 15 minutes each day to find a potential trade.


With each trade having a strong risk to reward ratio, this is the only system you will need to make consistent profits in the forex market.


Here is what makes Forex Success Swing Trading System so special -


  - Clearly defined Entry Points for placing a trade with no trace of ambiguity


  - Low Risk and High Reward to ensure that you make most of each dollar you risk.


  - Clear guidelines on when to exit the trade so that you get out of the trade with maximum

profits in your hand


  - Well Defined re-entry criteria for cases when you miss the trades.


  - Easy to understand language with clear cut examples and charts.






"Top Forex Trading System! 

Testimonial 1

Hi Rahul,

Your Forex Success Formula is the top Forex system I have come across. Within hours of implementing your
strategies, I made better profits than I had with anything else.

Your methods are clearly lined out in easy to follow steps. I appreciate the information that lays a clear foundation on trading.

  I heartily recommend this to everyone - from beginner to expert Forex

Best regards,
Paul Klein






But, like I mentioned above, to succeed in forex trading, learning a strategy only is not sufficient.


Forex Trading is much more than that.


- It is also about how to protect the money you already have in your trading account balance.


- It is about how to manage your trades that are not running in profits


- It is about how to adapt to changing market conditions so that you still make good money in your trades


- It is about finding out how to ensure maximum profits from the trades you are winning.


It is much much more than that!!


I learned all this the hard way!! By blowing my trading account balance time and time again.






But I won’t like you to make same mistakes that I made!



Let me tell you, continuously loosing the trades and loosing the account balance multiple times is not easy to digest!!


It not only causes a dent in your account balance, but it also causes a lot of stress & frustration!


So that you don’t go through the same road, I have included the “Secure Your Money” manual.


This manual is an important ingredient in the formula for getting successful in Forex market. It explains the importance of money management and how to implement their principles in real trades.


You’ll learn -


- How to manage your trades that are running in Profits


- How to manage the trades that are running in loss


- How to ensure you exit the trades with maximum profits


- Important concepts of Money management



You can think Forex Trading is similar to baseball game. Baseball is not just about hitting the ball for home runs. It is also about how to hold your bat, how to stand on the diamond, how to keep eye contact with the pitcher and how to run quickly to cover all the bases!


Can you imagine Forex Trading to be any different?


Same is the case with all the businesses including Forex Trading!


Learning all these things is what separates average traders from experts. I once asked one of the experts in Forex Trading - "What is your favourite Trading Staregy?"


Can you imagine What her answer was?


Without spending a second, she replied - "The technique to preserve my Capital"


I wonder how many of us would say that!


I guess by now you would have got the point.


Remember this manual itself is the price of the entire course!!




All this is complemented with a lot of videos that will show you lot of important concepts such as -


- Details about Forex Success System trading strategy


- How to apply the entry criteria for opening trades


- How to correctly set up your forex charts


- When to manage and exit the trades to ensure huge profits


- How to re-enter any trade to make more money


- Real examples


And a whole lot more!!






"A Must have Course for anyone looking to succeed in Trading" 

  Hey Sweetie,

  This is truely one of the best courses I have seen. It was so easy to   implement. And you have really described everything in so easy to   understand language.

  Also, I feel the concepts you have mentioned can be applied to any form   of trading including commodities and stock market. This is a must have   course.

  Take Care Dude!!

  Andrew J from Florida



In a nut shell, lets go through the benefits of Forex Success Formula




Clearly Defined entry criteria that doesn’t has any scope of ambiguity



Requires less than 15 minutes each day identifying trades. Doesn’t require monitoring the charts for hours each day!!



Uses simplest of technical indicators those are available on all the trading charts including the free ones.



Clearly defined & easily identifiable Exit Points so that you can take away huge profits before market reverses



Importantly, it tells you when to stay out of market so that you don’t end up opening trades that will result in loss and can cause frustration.



Make Consistent Money!! Don’t you want a strategy that is not just a flash in the pan, but should make money for you again and again and again?



Find out how to manage the trades that are going in a loss. Learn the techniques to use on such trades so that the losses are minimum



Clear Videos for you to understand all the concepts on live charts with real example



Most importantly, you’ll learn how to take forex trading as a business and not just as a hobby!


What’s more, it will transform you into a good forex trader. A forex trader who doesn’t gamble the money, but uses it intelligently to make more money!!



Forex Success Formula is much more than just an ebook. It is a comprehensive multimedia course, a formula to create consistent money from the trillion $$$ industry



No matter what kind of trader you are, beginner or with experience or an expert, Forex Success Formula is for you. I feel this course is one of the best that is available in the market today!



“Now, is this whole thing going to cost you a lot?”



Are you wondering this? With what ever you have seen so far, I can imagine that’s what you are thinking.


Well you are about to get a shock when you see the price.


But first let me ask you what will you be willing to pay for a course that is going to make you a forex trader that you always wanted to be? A course that will not only teach you a marvelous trading strategy that can pull big money into your pocket consistently, but also teaches you the skills that are necessary to become an excellent trader.


But before we go over the price, there is something important that we should go over..

We haven’t covered the AMAZING bonuses that are included in this course.


Did you think that I was done telling about this course?


Well not quite yet! Forex Success Formula comes with some amazing bonuses.





Forex Success Mini

An amazing Day Trading strategy that is highly effective and that can be used almost on daily basis with high accuracy. All of this using simplest of Indicators and which lets you trade emotion free.

Don't be surprised if you get high rewards for a very low risk.

Forex Growth Mist

Use this manual to take your profits to amazing levels. This manual contains multiple amazing techniques that any forex trader can use to increase the profits per day at drastic pace.

All the techniques are very easy to use. Using even one technique can make your trading account go fat at an amazing speed.



"Outstanding Job!" 



  "I have seen a number of forex books and manuals, but you really did a   outstanding job with making some very complex concepts into easy to   understand ideas and use. If anybody is looking at succeeding at making   money they have to have this."




Forex Success Mini is an amazing and highly effective day trading technique. It
consistently pulls profits from the market trade after trade. Again, to keep the matter simple,it uses the simplest of indicators, the same ones that are used in the swing
trading strategy included in the course.



“Forex Grwoth Mist” is for serious traders. It contains some amazing techniques that
can increase your profits at an amazing pace. Infact few techniques increase profits at
such a pace that it becomes uncontrollable. Would you like to know what these techniques are?




So, how much do you think Forex Success Formula should be worth?



I am sure you would agree that Forex Success Formula is one of the very comprehensive
forex trading courses available. It is your entire Forex Trading Solution.


Now comes the big question! How much would you pay for this? Lets look at each
component of this course and see what they cost individually –



Forex Success System Manual


Secure your money manual


Quick Overview Guide


Forex Success Mini


Forex Growth Mist


Forex Success System Videos




Total Cost




Would you be willing to pay $325 for a course that can make you $1000's of dollars

each week?


I am sure you would have said Yes!!


It may take just 2 or 3 trades to recover the cost of entire course by implementing the
strategies and techniques mentioned.


But I know, many traders might not be able to spend this amount of money right away, especially if they have already spent a lot of money earlier. But, since I would like this

product to be with in reach of all the traders ranging from

beginners to intermediates to experts,


I am going to give you a shock by offering this system for only



325 225 $125





Yes, you read it right!! By paying just $77 today, you can get access to this amazing

course immediately (even at 3 AM in the morning).


When I told my friends about this, some started laughing and some were highly surprised. They weren't ready to accept the fact that I was going to offer the course at such low price.


Their only comment was "This course is worth much more than $150!! You are doing disgrace by selling it for so low price"




Like I mentioned, this course is worth much more than that. But I am offering it to you

at a cost that you can recover in just 1 or 2 trades.


This is one amazing deal!! Won’t you agree?


Would you be willing to spend Just Ninety-Seven Dollars on a course that can transform you into a trader you always wanted to be?


A course that comes with a strategy that works phenomenally?


A course that contains all the ingredients necessary to become a successful trader?



If you are still not sure that you should buy this course, there can be only one reason for

that – You might be wondering “Can it be really that good”?


That’s natural to think.


So, here is my Unbeatable Money Back Guarantee!!


I am so confident that you will have nothing but success with Forex Success Formula that I am offering you a 60 day money back Guarantee!!

I am giving you FULL 60 DAYS to try the entire course, go through all the manuals, watch all the videos and apply the strategies and techniques mentioned in the course.

If at any point of time you are not happy with the course for any reason what so ever, I urge you to please write to me and ask for a refund. I’ll refund you the entire cost of this course. No questions asked!

So, with this kind of strong 60 Day guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.




!!!!Its Decision Time!!!!



So, I have said all what I had to say about Forex Success Formula.


Now its a decision time for you!



You can either decide to let this opportunity pass by on becoming a forex trader who makes huge money CONSISTENTLY from the forex market!!




You can realize that this is one of the best forex trading courses available and choose to go ahead and buy Forex Success Formula, which comes with a 60 day money back Guarantee!!

Forex Success Formula

YES, I am READY to take action now and learn your proven forex methods and strong money management principles.

I know I have been given a 60 day money back Guarantee. Within this time I can ask for a refund.

  I also understand that I will receive free premier course upgrades as and when they happen.

Just $325 $127


Click here to Buy Forex Success Formula


“Your Forex Success Formula is the top Forex system I have come across. Within

hours of implementing your strategies, I made better profits than I had

with anything else.


Your methods are clearly lined out in easy to follow steps. I appreciate the information that lays a clear foundation on trading.


I heartily recommend this to everyone - from beginner to expert Forex


- Testimonial from Paul


Please Note: This Product Is Download Only

Nothing Will Be Sent In The Post!

The Forex Success Formula is in PDF and Video format and can be downloaded instantly after payment, all video tutorials are online!

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 3 am!

For any Questions, please contact me at tradingforex@forexsuccessformula.com


Thanks & Regards,


from Forex Success Formula



P.S – Like I mentioned earlier, this is one of a kind course that includes not only an amazing strategies, it will also make you the kind of trader you wanted to be!! Also

take advantage of the AMAZING bonuses of Forex Success Formula!


P.P.S – Since I am offering No Questions Asked 60 day Money Back Guarantee, Go

ahead and buy this course. I am taking away all the risk away from you.


P.P.P.S – Remember, the Special Discount on Forex Success Formula is only for a

Limited Time




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